Why does the immune system collapse, how to strengthen it? Canan Karatay replied on TVNET

Along with the question of why the immune system collapses, the issue of strengthening the immune system is among the most curious. The immune system is the sum of the processes that protect against diseases in a living thing, recognize pathogens and tumor cells and destroy them. We try and research many ways to strengthen it. Cardiac and internal diseases specialist Prof. Dr. Canan Karatay answered the questions of why the immune system collapses and how to strengthen the immune system. Talking about the training of well-equipped physicians with these questions, Karatay also touched on the change of our eating habits. So, why does the immune system crash? How to strengthen the immune system? Canan Karatay replied. Here are the details…


Cardiac and internal medicine specialist Prof. Dr. Canan Karatay underlines that trans fats and sugar will collapse the immune system. Stating that all processed foods will cause this, Karatay listed the reasons that collapse the immune system as follows:

“Because our immune system has collapsed, we are exposed to all kinds of virus and bacterial infections. Corona virus is one of them. Viruses multiply by entering the cell in our body. Viruses that cannot enter cells cannot produce disease. When our cells are healthy, we do not get sick even if a virus enters our body. In that regard, we are a very healthy society.”


Canan Karatay, who gave the above answers about the collapse, briefly answered the question of how to strengthen the immune system as follows:

“When we eat homemade yogurt, homemade vinegar, pickles, no virus can affect us as long as we stay away from sugar and processed carbohydrates. Humans live with bacteria. The increase in the number of friendly bacteria prevents us from becoming a virus infection.

We will introduce probiotics and prebiotics into our bodies. Probiotic tablets do not contain live bacteria. Tablets are completely fake. You shouldn’t spend money on them. We need to consume completely natural foods that we produce at home. We can gain friendly bacteria by fermenting natural yogurt at home. No tablets from the factory contain live bacteria.”


How are we in terms of training well-equipped physicians in our country? Answering this question, Canan Karatay said:

“The concept of modern medicine and evidence-based medicine was created. Unfortunately, basic physiology, physics and biochemistry are not explained. The training provided is insufficient. Nutrition education has been removed. Every doctor should know nutrition very well. Hippocrates says: ‘A good doctor does not prescribe many medicines and prevents diseases, does not cause illness.’

Medicine is not about doing harm to save. This concept was removed from medical schools after the 1970s. The pharmaceutical and food industry stepped in.”

How to strengthen the immune system of Canan Karatay, who is the guest of the “3 questions 3 answers” program on TVNET? You can watch his answer and all his words in the video below.

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