Why is it easy to gain weight in winter? What should be done in order not to gain weight in winter? Winter detox that loses 3 kilos in 1 week

Here are our tricks to keep in shape and not gain weight in the winter months when we gain weight more easily due to some changing conditions and our appetite is even higher! Why is it easy to gain weight in winter? What should we do to avoid gaining weight in winter? How to make a quick and healthy winter detox? Effective diet lists that you can try to lose weight with healthy methods during the winter months…

The reason for our quicker and easier appetite in the winter season, when the days get shorter and we benefit less from the sun’s rays, is due to both physiological and psychological factors. The sun rays, which we see less than in summer, cause vitamin D deficiency on our body , leading to a decrease in Seratonin, which we know as the ‘happiness hormone’ . the need for it increases and thus the calorie balance can be disturbed more easily. Since the time spent at home in the winter is more than in the summer months, one may become more inclined to eat for reasons such as boredom. The mood, which can change from season to season, is close to depression in the winter months , while the person unconsciously tries to improve this situation with carbohydrates. On the other hand, studies on this show that some people take an average of 800 more calories per day at such times.


During the transition from autumn to winter, slowdowns are observed in the metabolic rate with the effect of cold weather that returns suddenly. In order to burn the calories of the foods we consume in our daily life more easily, it will be useful for our metabolism to work fast, not slow. For this reason, it is a little more difficult to lose weight in the winter months. In addition to the slow working metabolism, 2 factors cause easy weight gain in winter.


Some foods such as chocolate, which can improve the mood of depressed people, may be effective in disrupting the calorie balance that the body should take. Uncontrolled consumption of night snacks not only causes calorie intake, but also causes serious fluctuations in blood sugar.


Vitamin D, which has an important place in the development of muscle and bone health, is effective in fat metabolism. The fact that we see less sun in winter and wear thicker clothes to avoid cold triggers vitamin D deficiency, leading to easy weight gain.


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It is possible to lose weight in a healthy way during the winter months when diseases are most common. You can easily get rid of your excess weight by consuming low-calorie fruits and vegetables that contain all the vitamins and minerals we need. In addition, 1 hour of brisk walking or exercise together with the diet will ensure that the weight you lose is permanent.

Here is the winter diet list:


-1 boiled egg

-1 bowl of parsley, dill and arugula mix

-1 slice of whole wheat bread

-2 slices of skim cheese

-1 cup of unsweetened tea


-1 bowl of low-fat vegetable meal

-1 bowl of yogurt

-1 slice of whole wheat bread

-4 tablespoons bulgur pilaf


-4 walnuts

-1 glass of kefir or 1 bowl of yogurt

-1 cup of coffee with milk and cinnamon

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-1 plate of vegetable dish with meat

-1 bowl of greens salad

-4 tablespoons of bulgur pilaf with vegetables (98007 02)


-1 cup of green tea

-1 apple

NOTE: Diet Before applying the list, you should consult a specialist.



1 quarter lemon, 1 grapefruit, 1 carrot, ginger, parsley, white tea/green tea or any herbal tea (water can be used instead of tea)

Let’s add the ingredients into the glass bottle. If you don’t want the mixture to taste bitter, you can use half of the grapefruit. After passing the mixture in the blender, you can consume it in a healthy way.

NOTE: If you are under 60 kilos, this detox can make you 2 kilos , if you are 65-80 kilos 3 kilos . Men can lose more weight. It can be recommended to be applied after the first 1 month in the diet. It is not recommended to be consumed by kidney patients, diabetics, pregnant women and lactating mothers. Apply without asking your doctor…


1- Do not miss breakfast

People who do not prefer to have breakfast in the morning have more calories than others. The most effective way to start the day vigorously and healthily is breakfast.

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2- Drink plenty of fluids

Detox drinks consumed to lose weight, such as tea and coffee Liquids speed up metabolism. If the fluid values ​​that the body needs to take are not sufficient, the person may confuse hunger with thirst. This is why when you feel hungry, drink water first, if you still feel hungry, start eating.

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3- Take care of soup consumption

Soup drinks between meals keeps one’s stomach full. It is seen that people who drink soup take about 100 kcal less during the day than others.


Drink a glass of warm water before breakfast Squeeze 1 teaspoon of lemon.

Day 1

Morning: 1 slice of toasted or heated whole wheat bread, 1 egg, a quarter of a slice of bread with cheese, 1 glass of unsweetened tea or coffee
Lunch: 100 gr skinless grilled chicken, 1 bowl of yogurt, 1 cucumber
Dinner: 1 portion of celery with leek meat, salad, 1 apple

Day 2

Morning: 1 slice of toasted or heated wholemeal bread, 1 egg, 1 tomato, 1 glass of unsweetened tea or coffee
Lunch: 100 g boiled beef, half a portion of rice, salad
Dinner: 1 portion Chickpea meal with meat, salad, 1 orange

Day 3:

Morning: 1 egg omelette, 1 glass of unsweetened tea or coffee
Lunch: 100 g Grilled turkey meat, 1 slice of wholemeal bread, salad
Evening: 1 portion of spinach with minced meat, salad, 1 tangerine


(98) 00701) Morning: 1 slice of toasted or heated bran bread, 1 cucumber, 1 glass of unsweetened tea or coffee
Lunch: 100 g grilled meatballs, salad, 1 bowl of yogurt
Dinner: 1 portion of cauliflower, half a portion lean pasta, 1 pomegranate

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Morning: 1 egg, 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, 1 glass of sugar-free tea or coffee
Lunch: 100 gr grilled steak, 1 bowl of yogurt, 1 orange
Dinner: 1 portion of sauteed mushrooms, half portion of pasta, 2 tangerines

Day 6:

Morning: 1 egg omelette, 1 glass of unsweetened tea or coffee
Lunch: 3 muffins, half a portion of rice, 1 pomegranate
Dinner: 1 portion of dried beans with meat, 1 bowl of yogurt , 1 orange

Day 7:

Morning: 1 slice of toasted or heated bran bread, little cheese, 1 tomato, 1 glass of unsweetened tea or coffee hve
Lunch: 100 g grilled chicken breast, 1 bowl of yogurt
Dinner: 1 serving of zucchini, half a serving of pasta, 1 bowl of yogurt
1 glass of warm milk at night.

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