Why is weight loss not permanent? 5 important rules of permanent weight loss! How much weight should be lost in 1 month?

One of the issues that many people who are overweight and want to lose weight suffer from is the situation of gaining weight quickly after losing it. Dietitians warn about this situation, which varies according to eating habits and metabolism. How to prevent this situation, which has become a big problem especially for those who eat unhealthy, what are the 5 important rules of making weight loss permanent? Here are the answers…

Obesity, which has become a problem all over the world, is one of the main enemies of human health. If not taken under control, it can cause serious diseases. Experts emphasize the importance of applying a proper nutrition program to get rid of excess weight. Rapid weight loss, especially with shock diets, causes short-term water loss, not fat loss. In order to prevent this, it is one of the most important steps to return a healthy diet to a lifestyle and to ensure that weight loss becomes permanent. Here are 5 important rules for permanent weight loss:

Many people who want to fight with some periodic weights and get rid of excess weight apply non-personal shock diet programs on the Internet to lose weight. These diets, which make you lose weight very quickly but are unhealthy, also cause you to gain the weight you lost quickly.


  • One of the mistakes made by many people who want to lose weight is to binge eat all the foods that are forbidden to them after dieting and to make this eating continuous. For this reason, the person returns to his old weight within 2 months.
  • If behavior change cannot be achieved during the diet process, if the person restricts himself during this process and goes back to his old eating habits by saying that after the diet, I reached the weight I want somehow, then weight gain will be inevitable.

Why is weight loss not permanent?

  • If the weight loss is desired to be permanent, the healthy eating process should not be seen as a temporary process. You should know that for permanent weight loss, it is necessary to acquire permanent habits.

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rules for permanent weight loss


1- Start the day with breakfast

Breakfast is skipped due to intense rush or loss of appetite in the early hours of the morning. When the most important meal of the day is skipped, it affects your metabolism. This causes you to eat more at the next meal. It also causes your blood sugar to drop and you to turn to unhealthy foods.

Therefore, start the day with a good breakfast.

2- Drink plenty of water throughout the day

One of the biggest reasons for having a weight problem is not drinking enough water during the day. Water, which is the most basic need of the human body, plays an active role in removing fat from the body. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to consuming at least 12 glasses of water during the day.

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permanent weight loss diet

3- Remove the salt shaker from your table

The common problem of almost everyone in the winter is to gain weight immediately. It is the desire to eat more food in order to maintain the body’s temperature in cold weather. This situation also causes edema accumulation in the body and swelling due to inactivity. In order to prevent this, salt consumption should be reduced and it is necessary to use more spices instead of salt to sweeten the dishes.

4- Take a walk in the morning

Make sure to take a 45-minute walk every morning to start the day more vigorously and lightly. Walking and exercises on an empty stomach accelerate fat burning and allow you to lose weight more easily. In order to have a healthy body and to ensure its continuity, you need to do sports at least 3 days a week.

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5- Have an analysis

If you can’t lose weight even though you eat healthy, you should definitely see a doctor. This may be due to reasons such as a lack of vitamins in your body, thyroid glands not working well. According to the results of the analysis you have had, the drug treatment and diet that will be applied in the company of a specialist will affect your weight loss in a positive way.

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